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Calendar – 2014

Warning! A long and picture heavy post :). I have made this calendar for my mom, and I hope she likes it when she sees it. Since I could only start making the calendar in the middle of January, I started the calendar with February 2014, and finished it with January 2015.

For the front cover, I  stamped different die cuts with various messages. I wanted to keep the front bright and cheerful, so I used a multicoloured pp. I lined the top and bottom with pink adhesive ribbon/tape, and used 3D foam tape on the central pink die cut to make it stand out.


For February, I went with the theme of Valentine’s. I used red and white heart die cuts, white decorative tape, and added some relevant stickers on layered red and white card stock. I added in important dates to the calendar such as holidays and birthdays.


I wanted to signify spring for the month of March. Hence the choice of the colours and the pp. Colored tape, die cut borders, glitter embellishments, pearls and card stock were used to complete this page.

My theme for April was Easter. I had an old book with lots of Easter  stickers in it, and I used that to form my page. I bordered the pp with brown quilling strips, added in the stickers, and voila, I was done!



Mother’s day is in May, and that was the theme I used for may. My mother loves roses and pearls, so I used both of these to form the page.

I kept June Simple. There wasn’t a theme as such. I just used a bright coloured pp, coordinating card stock, and added some foam stars.



My mother’s birthday is in July, and monsoons usually start for her in July. So these two were used for July. The pp itself signifies rain drops, and I added in some stickers. I stamped birthday messages on the page, and bordered the page using quilling strips.

August is my birthday, so I added in the words “My favourite” so she could think of me this month 🙂 I used glittered flowers, and butterfly punches. I traced out flourishes in coordinating blue card stock.



September is another month of celebration in our home as it is my brother’s birthday. So I kept this page a bit masculine.

Autumn forms the theme for October. The pp itself was so bright, that I didn’t want to embellish it much. I simply lined the two edges of the page with butterfly punch outs



My mom also loves keep a pretty garden, so that was the theme from November.

No surprises for guessing what’s for December…Christmas! I used decorative tape on the edges, and punched out snowflakes.



January 2015 was the last page for this calendar. I kept it simple, and just added stickers with simple messages such as “love”, “smile”, “celebrate”, “remember”, etc.

The last page is also simple. It has just a plain pp on which I have stamped the words “Sending my Love” on it. I’ve placed a sticker of my blog below it, like I do on all my hand-created items.


And that completes my calendar! If you would like to know where the materials I’ve used are from, please drop me a mail. I will be happy to let you know!

I am entering this for the following challenges:

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Angel Christmas Card

I was making a christmas card for a family with two little girls, so I wanted to make something girlish. After toying with things a bit, this is what I finally ended up with.


I have had this red and gold paper with me for the last many years, and I wanted to use it this year. I quilled a white angel onto white pearl card stock, which I bordered with gold glitter glue. I used brown paper for the angel’s hair, and red paper to make the rose. I used white satin ribbon for the bow.


I kept the inside of the card simple. I used a bit of the pattern paper, added a sentiment from birdscards.com, and stuck a punched snowflake in keeping with the theme of the sentiment.

Materials used:

White card stock, white quilling strips, gold glitter glue – itsybitsy.in

White pearl card stock, pattern paper, brown paper, red paper, markers, snowflake punch – local craft store

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Rustic Christmas Trees

I’m coming to the end of my christmas card collection, and I really enjoyed making them. I hope the people who these are meant for like them. This was one of the first cards I made this season, but for some reason, I’d never blogged about it.


I had seen this tree pattern on birdscards.com that I’d really liked. I used red coloured handmade paper as the base of the card, and put a patch of white thai paper on it. I drew out 3 trees using golden glitter, and also bordered the edge of the thai paper with the glitter. I topped each tree with a star sticker.


I lined the inside of the card with white paper, and used a punch for the 4 snowflakes. I put a gold glitter dot on the center of each snowflake. It isn’t very visible in this picture, but on the other flap of the inside of the card, I hand-wrote “Season’s greetings” with a gold pen, and drew four gold trees around it.

Materials used:

Red handmade paper, Thai paper, gold glitter glue, craft glue – itsybitsy.in

White paper, gold pen, silver stars, snowflake punch – local craft store

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I had seen this design on the net sometime back, and I’d found it to be very cute, so I wanted to make a version of it this christmas. Here is the front of the card:


White quilling strips border the card. I’ve used googly eyes and quilled 1/4th of a red quilling strip into a tight coil to form each nose.


The inside of the card is my own design. I completed the inside of the card by hand-cutting a reindeer (pattern taken from birdscards.com). I added one googly eye and a red round dot to form the nose of the reindeer. I added white paper to write out my greeting/message, and bordered it with red quilling strips.

Materials used:

Black card stock, white card stock, googly eyes, red and white quilling strips, craft glue – itsybitsy.in

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Boy-ish Easel Christmas Card

I was making a christmas card for a family with two grown-up boys, so I wanted to make something that wasn’t too girlish. I also wanted to make an easel card. This is what I came up with:

Card Front

This is the front of the card. The trees, house and hill design was taken from birdscards.com. The pp is from the A5 boofle pack. The green card stock, white die cut frame, and white card stock are from itsybitsy.in The green ribbon is from a local craft store.

Card StandingThis is what the card looks like when it is standing. I’ve used the complimentary green pp from the same stack. I used red card stock to complement the green pp. I added another tree and house in the center of the card and printed a sentiment on it. I used 3D tape to raise the oval frame.

Card OpenThis is what the inside of the card looks like when it is opened up completely. I added a piece of white paper to write my message on it, and bordered it with the red pp.

Materials used:

Green, red and white card stocks, die cut frames (white oval and rectangle) – itsybitsy.in

Red and green pp: A1craftsupply.blogspot.in

Green and red ribbon, 3D tape, double sided tape – local craft store

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Black and White Christmas Cards

Today I’m blogging about two non-red/green christmas cards that I made a few days ago.

The first one is a black and white card: Image

The template is from birdscards.com, but I’ve hand-cut it (don’t have a silhouette/cricut). The original template was navy blue  but I’ve used black, since I didn’t have navy-blue card stock. I also printed out the digital sentiment from birdscards.com. Rhinestones complete the stars in the sky. The black and white card stock are from itsybitsy.in. The white pearl card stock and rhinestones are from a local craft store.

I wanted to try one white-on-white christmas card, and this is what I came up with:


White card stock is used as the base of the card. I have embossed a white pearl card stock using the itsybitsy stars embossing folder. The template of the snowflake is from birdscards.com, but I’ve used pearls to form the snowflake. A satin ribbon completes the card. (white card stock, embossing folder, pearls – itsybitsy.in; pearl card stock, ribbon, double sided tap: local craft store)

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Red and White Christmas Cards

For some reason, I have never been a fan of green. I don’t remember the last time I owned any green coloured clothes. On the other hand, red is my favourite colour. Red, white, and black make up about 85% of my wardrobe. (Haha, when I previewed this post, I noticed my ‘red’ profile pic on the right of the screen 🙂 ). I wanted to make a few christmas cards without any green in them. Here are two of those:

My first card is a bit plain at the moment, and I might enhance it in the coming few days. I’ve had this old angel pattern with me for a while now. I used an A4 sized silver hand made paper, folded it into four, traced and cut the angel onto it such that when I opened up the paper, the angels were left holding hands. I then stuck this onto red hand made card stock.

Angel open

This is what the back of the card looks like:

Angel back

This is the front of the card:

Angel front

I love this second card of mine because I find it very cute! I had recently purchased an A5 boofle pack and this cute little reindeer was on the front of the package. I cut it out and decided to make it the theme of a card. White pearl card stock was the base of my card. I used a pattern paper from the boofle stack. I used a die cut frame to highlight the reindeer, and quilling strips to form the border of the card. The writing (Merry Christmas xxx) was in grey and was a bit dull, so I used a black permanent marker over it to brighten it up a bit. Tada!

Doofle Christmas

I kept the inside of the card simple, and just outlined the border with the same red quilling strips.Doofle Christmas Open

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Gate-fold Christmas card

I made a gate-fold christmas card today. This is how it turned out:


The template of the christmas tree was taken from birdscards.com. I embossed the green card stock with a flower design, covered the base of the tree with fabric tape, added a star on top of the tree, and used some gold glitter to add a bit of bling. IMG_0947 IMG_0948


I lined the inside of the card with red paper, and made pop-up gift boxes. I covered these with patterned paper.

Materials used:

Green card stock, embossing folder, glitter glue, craft glue – itsybitsy.in

All pattern papers: A5 boofle stack, polka dot fabric tape: A1craftsupply.blogspot.in

Pearl white card stock, double sided tape, red paper, star sticker – Local craft store

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Sunburst Christmas Card

This is my first attempt at making a sunburst card. I had seen some lovely sunburst cards on the face book group ‘Card-Making‘, and I wanted to try it out. This is my creation:

Sunburst Christmas

The 8 pattern papers used are from the A5 boofle pack. The red and white polka dot strips are a fabric tape. The red bow is from a local store selling christmas decorations. The base of the sentiment is red handmade paper. I typed and printed out the sentiment onto white paper. I’ve lined the edges of the inside of the greeting card with the fabric tape. (white card stock, red handmade paper – itsybitsy.in; A5 boofle pack, red-n-white fabric tape – A1craftsupply.blogspot.in; red bow, double sided tape: local craft store)



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Blue and White Christmas cards

One of my aunt’s favourite colour is blue, so I wanted to make a blue and white christmas card and gift tag for her.

Blue n White Xmas

I’ve had this blue and silver snowflake handmade paper for years. I just found it recently and knew instantly that this would go into one of this year’s christmas cards. The white card stock (card base and mittens) are from itsybitsy.in. The white lace, silver glitter, and double sided tape are from a local craft store. I spent hours trying on various sentiments on different locations on the card, but for some reason, I kept liking this bare look better. Finally I decided to just keep it this way. The mittens pattern is a free digital stamp from birdscards.com

Blue n white open

I’ve kept the inside of the card simple as well. I used a stencil to cut out stars from the same blue handmade paper, and stuck that to the four corners of the card.

Xmas Tree

The gift tag is actually a mini-card (2.5”x3”). The cardstock is from the DCWV Mediterranean stack. 3mm white quilling strips are used to form the the tree. I added a blue glitter strip, pearls and a 3D glitter star to complete the card. All the products used in this tag are from itsybitsy.in.

I will be trying a sunburst card for the first time tomorrow, so lets see how that goes!


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